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Expand your living space! Entertain without having to book a reservation

Expand your living space! Entertain without having to book a reservation

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Summer is the time for backyard BBQ’s and grilling; but a well designed outdoor kitchen should allow you to enjoy cooking outside beyond the summer months. Incorporating interior kitchen ideas to your outdoor setting is a great way to add versatility, value and fun to your home.

1. Start from the ground up- We will start with a layout that best suits your family’s needs. Establishing the floor layout and material for your outdoor kitchen is key to building a functional kitchen. Don’t forget about weather changes that may occur as well.


2. Materials- From flooring to appliances we will help choose the right options for you. Proper flooring will not only help to complete the look but add durability and value. We will also take into consideration the type of entertaining you may do.


3. Storage- Just like your indoor kitchen, you will need places to put items on and plenty of storage. The difference is they must all be waterproof and durable to temperature changes. Countertops and cabinets are designed to provide space and keep away clutter. For a customized look, coordinate your flooring, countertops and cabinets, just like you would with your indoor kitchen.


4. Ambiance- Your outdoor kitchen serves as a place to enjoy cooking and eating food while entertaining family and guests. It’s an opportunity to enjoy the outdoor weather while having the comforts of your indoor space. Make sure you incorporate features that really make this space the center of your summer. Chairs, tables and decorative objects can complete the look, as will specialty lighting.


Tips for an outdoor kitchen: